‘Pacific Rim 2’ cancelled for 2017 release

Are you a fan of the 2013 robot-monster action orgy from Guillermo Del Toro? If you are and sitting on your desk waiting in excitement for the Kaijus and the Jaegers to clash again, well I’m gonna suggest you take a break.

Despite all the announcements made recently, it turns out that the project has been postponed for production. But don’t lose hope PacRim fans! Guillermo Del Toro stated that though it is postponed, it is definitely not cancelled. It’s just that there is another Del Toro movie coming in between PacRim 2, if the studio approves of Guillermo’s little film that is. Universal has also stated that this postponement is a blessing in disguise since it will allow the creative team to exceed the excellence and amazing experience that the first Pacific Rim brought to their audience. You know what that means? More epic battles and astonishing spectacle! So breathe in and relax because what they’re doing might knock your socks off. I know that Pacific Rim got mixed reviews upon release but I am one of the minority that found it enjoyable despite the derivative narrative that felt like Guillermo’s version of Independence Day…but at least I found it to be a good time at the cinema.


Cheer up guys! You can still check out Guillermo Del Toro’s latest filmCrimson Peak’ which opens nationwide October 14.


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