Terminator Genisys sequels currently shelved

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In this picture, Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney are metaphors for the T-franchise wanting to die, but the hand (studio execs) decides to pull them up anyway to keep them “relevant”. Sigh.

I haven’t seen any Terminator films except the god-awful “Terminator Salvation” but I heard that the latest installment in the once-beloved franchise was a huge blow in the face for fans of the original films.

If you loved it then you might get disappointed about the news you’re about to hear but if you hated it then you must be celebrating in your seat as you clicked on this article.

Despite the plans for Genisys being the start of a new breed of T-films, it just so happens that we won’t get to see a new one for a long while.  So…does this mean that the franchise is actually (finally) dead after several attempts of trying to be revived for a new generation?

Let’s see…The film didn’t do well domestically only generating a $112 million gross and on top of that, it was ripped to pieces by a majority of critics ultimately reviling it. That means if they are still planning to move forward, the studios could still lose a lot of money. So no, it’s not dead but I hope they just cancel it for the sake of James Cameron and die-hard fans of the original Terminator films.

Terminator Genisys will soon arrive on DVD & Blu-Ray to be distributed by Magnavision Home Video, but if I were you I would just stick to Cameron’s T-films. 


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