Why Hollywood should never remake classics


Classics. They just never fade. When a film is a classic, relevance isn’t important because next to it is timelessness. Classic films just prove that. It could be either because of its’ remarkable influence in cinema or more so its’ value. Or maybe not. Maybe it could be the mere fact that precious memories were conceived when you saw a classic movie for the first time.

So…what am I getting at here? Well, I just wanted to point out the fact that classics in no way should ever be remade. It’s simple as that. But what about reboots? Apparently reboots are another thing so in this article we’re just gonna talk about remakes.

Why? Not just for nostalgia purposes of course, but rather to preserve its’ greatness. But y’know, nostalgia also plays a big part. Classic movies have always been the touchstones of cinema, without it we wouldn’t have most of what we’re seeing in theaters today. The have left a big mark and are generally respected. They have been looked up to for their sheer creativity and have inspired many. The thing here is some of those who are inspired think that they should show this classic to this generation but through their own style. This could end up well on several occasions and could eventually also become a classic in their own right (Coen Brothers’ True Grit) but sadly most of the time it ends up being a horrible mess.

Year after year, we get new films and some of them are remakes. Remakes that are very unnecessary. This is a trend started by Hollywood prominently in 1999 with “House On Haunted Hill” a remake of Vincent Price’s horror classic. This went on to continue for the following years and decade to come, with Hollywood spewing horror remakes at a rapid rate. It all started with horror, but Hollywood then began experimenting with other genres of film such as action, drama, science fiction, fantasy and of course comedy. Because of that, creativity in Hollywood has been diminished. Okay, suppose you want this generation to see “Psycho” and you think of a seemingly bright idea of remaking it shot-for-shot but in color, with more blood, a script written by a f*cking chicken, and dull acting. What comes off as respect and inspiration to you becomes stupidity in the eyes of many. I mean just think of it, that’s the equivalent of shitting on horror icon Alfred Hitchock’s face!


I mean just look at that! The scene with Janet Leigh in the original was unforgettable. This was just purely unoriginal. I mean really? Remaking it shot for shot? In color? Give me a break.

Thankfully though, we still have legendary directors and modern masterpiece makers such as Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky, Alfonso Cuaron and others to save the filmmaking industry. But still, this needs to be eradicated. It’s become a cancer of the movie industry. We love classics and if you want to present them to a new generation, do it wholeheartedly and with 100% commitment. If not, better yet just show them the original film that you love with your dear life. Why Hollywood should never remake classics is basically its’ a sign of unoriginality and laziness.These films have stuck with us for a very long time and have given us hope, so of course we don’t want you shitting on it with full force.


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