Vin Diesel battles a coven in ‘The Last Witch Hunter’

After taking down a huge plane, dragging vaults down in the streets of Rio, and crashing a car into a skyscraper, Vin Diesel goes more extreme as he trades fast cars for hunting gear to save humanity in his latest film.

In The Last Witch Hunter, Vin Diesel’s Kaulder is an immortal witch hunter sent on a mission to face off against a coven of witches in New York City planning to end humanity by means of a horrifying plague. With the stakes higher than ever, he must team up with a beautiful female witch. 

As early as 2012, Lionsgate-Summit announced plans to make the film. Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted/ Night Watch) was originally going to direct from a script by Cory Goodman.  However, Timur abandoned the project and directing duties were left to Breck Eisner, who previously directed the horror-thriller The Crazies back in 2010.

The film stars Vin Diesel, Game of Throne’s Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, and Michael Caine.

So basically, the movie adopts the visual style of Underworld and other films that use almost the same concept. I’m not being cynical, but based on the trailer that became my perception of it. I am not a huge of movies involving witch-hunting, but I genuinely liked what I saw. I know that this whole “immortal” thing has been done a thousand times, but with the bad-ass Vin Diesel on board I think I can deal with this one. I could still enjoy me a fun film occasionally. But regardless of any film he stars in, I always look at him as Dominic Toretto from the Fast & Furious film franchise. The man can act, but it depends on the script that he’s given. Again I’m not being a pessimist, rather I’m just stating my opinions. For this one he’s like Dom, only with awesome weaponry and immortality instead of furious cars.

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ opens tomorrow in Philippine cinemas nationwide. Distributed by Viewers’ Choice Philippines.


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