Take a look at the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ IMAX poster

Wow. This week has been going really good for Star Wars fanatics. After getting blessed by the Sith Lords with a spanking new poster, teasers, and finally the jaw-dropping trailer, we get to see the exclusive IMAX one-sheet for the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. Give it a look:


Again, just…WOW. It may not be as “big” as you might expect, but it gets the job done right, by giving us that sense of “wonder” and “adventure”, something that the Star Wars films do really well. Not to forget that it is stylish and certainly artistic with the utilization of the deep inky colors. But wait…did you see the wordings (well, numbering) “1 of 4” just below the Star Wars logo? Whoa. Could it be?! Could there be four IMAX posters, and this is just one of them?! If that is true, then…HOLY SPACEBALLS, Chewie!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in Philippine cinemas on December 17 in IMAX 3D. Distributed by Walt Disney Studios.


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