Retro Reviews: ‘Trick R Treat’ (2007)

Trick R Treat is a horror anthology film in the same lines of Tales From the Crypt and Creepshow. Circling around five interwoven tales that occur on the night of Halloween, it tells us stories of fear and fright on the day when the dead roam the earth.


If one is attempting to beat John Carpenter’s timeless classic Halloween, then I must say that is is a difficult task. However, making a film that is atmospherically similar isn’t much of a difficulty. What becomes a hardship though, is the task of letting your audience absorb and feel the Halloween-y vibe Many films have attempted that; some have become quite successful, some have failed. Miraculously, Michael Dougherty’s Trick R Treat accomplishes said task with such justice and compassion. This terrific horror anthology isn’t like the others that may have left you in dismay. It is crafted with highly appreciable creativity and uniqueness that will make you come back for it every time during the Halloween season. The film is rightfully wicked, and simply entertaining from start to finish. Once it’s done, you’ll keep begging for more.


Dougherty presents to us five nefarious stories each with their own way of giving us scares. The suspense and thrills these stories provide guarantees a good time because of their surprisingly excellent narratives, and shocking twists. Suckers for urban legends will definitely find one of the film’s many stories highly indulgent as it is eerie and has a very campfire story-like fashion of being told. Meanwhile, fanatics of  horror lore will be incredibly amazed at one segment packing a reveal that is sure to stupefy and leave your mouths wide open in shock and awe. Thankfully, what comes along with these marvelous stories are characters that you would love to explore, thanks to their interesting backgrounds.


Dougherty definitely had the guts to explore the holiday of Halloween; he does it so with love by showing to us the different traditions on Halloween that one should follow and its’ consequences if one won’t obey. The result? You’ll get visited by this charming little kid who embodies the spirit of this season; if you don’t give him candy, you should prepare to meet your maker. This ‘Sam’ character that Dougherty birthed is so memorable and appealing that he can soon be a horror icon. Even if he only appears wholly for a short amount of time, his appearance is one that you won’t forget thanks to the suspense and weird cuteness he brings. Gore-hounds seeking for blood and guts are treated with Sam’s and the other characters’ violently amusing sequences that are wickedly pleasurable.The way these stories are told are so tightly connected that arrives back to the starting point at its’ conclusion, you will be left amazed and impressed by its’ quality storytelling that is in no way terrible and/or bland.


Trick R Treat deserves to be prioritized as a Halloween tradition kudos to Michael Dougherty’s stylish visuals and terrifically conceived tales of Halloween horror. It manages to give old-fashioned suspense with the accompaniment of an eerie yet fun vibe. One more noteworthy fact is that it is pleasantly surprising considering that it is a straight-to-DVD release but yet, it all feels cinematic. Now, if only the run-time could’ve been longer and there had been more stories to tell…

3.5/5 stars

‘Trick R Treat’ could be looked for on DVD distributed by Magnavision Home Video.


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