Flick Reviews: ‘Argo’ (2012)

Ben Affleck proves once again that he has indeed got the skills to be a filmmaker ‘Argo’,  an astounding and fun thriller set in the 70s.


The opening scene is intense and almost authentic. The actors look as if they aren’t acting rather, they make themselves look like they they really are part of the situation. Even though the actors’ performances as the hostages aren’t that much affecting, Affleck manages to not make them feel one-dimensional through their simple lines that make you feel what they are going through, and when they finally get out of the situation you feel joyful for their triumphant escape. The cinematography has a really grainy look to it that helps give a good impression of the period the film is set in. Argo’s narrative solely focuses on a serious subject matter, but at the same time it depicts its’ era in a cool fashion that makes it entertaining due to a plot point that demands it.


The said plot point also makes it switch tones for a short while without causing harm to the seriousness of the main story and doesn’t even make it feel out of place. In conclusion the style that it used was effective, thanks largely to the plot and setting. Argo can be a serious thriller full of suspense but it can also deliver dark humor. This humor gives a little light to an already dark situation. Even if Affleck’s character wasn’t that memorable and wasn’t that much interesting, his efficient yet sarcastic and darkly comic portrayal of Tony Mendez makes up for his average performance. But perhaps the best part of the film would be Alan Arkin and John Goodman, thanks to their humorous performance that never fails to entertain. Most especially Arkin’s, who had a scene that was really hilarious.


Argo may be slightly flawed, but it is nonetheless still an energetic and surprisingly original thriller that knows how and when to have fun thanks to Ben Affleck’s rousing screenwriting and simple performance that suffices.

4/5 stars.

*Argo is now available on DVD & Blu-Ray. Distributed by Magnavision Home Video.


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