Cine Reviews: ‘Inside Out’ (2015)

*Note: I saw Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ back in August this year, so what I did is I transposed the contents of the following review from an old file I saved on my computer and put them in my blog to form a proper film review. Everything in this review goes according to my opinions regarding the following feature film.

Pixar has always been a terrific institution for animated films beginning with Toy Story in 1995 and continued to amaze their audiences with their magic in their subsequent features. However, this so-called “magic” seemed to be lost in their previous entries such as “Cars 2”, “Brave” and even “Monsters University”. Now they have returned to their creative roots with “Inside Out”. The question lying is, is the latest addition to their catalog worthy of standing side-to-side with their signature masterpieces? Well, you’ll find out in this review.


Inside Out is very high-concept and with such ideas for a film, you need to execute it without baffling your audience. It consists of a very inventive and unique idea, and seeing it brought to the screen was a very interesting experience. No doubts could be made because based on my viewing, ‘Inside Out’ is brilliantly executed with its’ intricate world building and its’ deceiving plot. By having a deceiving plot, I mean to say that it didn’t have a simplistic and shallow story. Just like the old Pixar films, there are tons of subliminal messages buried underneath the kiddie fluff. But what surprised me even  more is how philosophical IO turned out to be.


I won’t lie, this was more complex than I thought it would be. The movie’s plot focuses on mature themes through multiple metaphors here and there. That is why evidently, Inside Out was marketed to kids but was heavily  intended for adults and teens; adults and teens who grew up with Pixar’s timeless classics. By complex and intricate, there are some confusing plot points that require you to think so I highly suggest that one should pay extra attention. It doesn’t take anything away, but rather makes it better since not every plot point needs to be spoon-fed to the viewer for him/her to understand. Simply said, Inside Out is a thinking-man’s movie (no pun intended). It is yet another Pixar heavyweight that demands you to challenge your mind, test your imagination and, feed your wonder.


Thinking that the movie focuses on Riley’s world and the world of her “voices”, I thought that one aspect would overshadow the other. Both worlds were balanced and both were emotionally affecting. Speaking of affecting, the movie was a freakin’ emotional rollercoaster. It was relatable and connects very well with the target audience. Perhaps this is a Christopher Nolan-like movie in terms of complexity disguised as a fun kiddie flick. The characters in the movie are very much engaging, most specially Riley who I think we can all relate to.There is particularly one character which is perhaps one of the best things that makes this movie so great. I won’t talk any further, you have to experience it for yourself.


The various characters are what makes the film very human which is something we have always seen in most of Pixar’s previous entries only this new instant classic makes us really connect. There are just a lot of great character moments to engage yourself in. Animation-wise, the detailing is gorgeous and the various landscapes our characters visit are engrossing; the conscious “world” was creatively crafted. In terms of music, Michael Giachhino’s score was delightful and added to the film’s emotional weight. Right from the opening Disney logo accompanied by his sweet score, I knew I was in for an emotional ride. Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen did a fantastic effort with Inside Out; with a brilliant concept and terrific voice actors, they were able to bring back to life the magic of Pixar. Kudos to both, specially Ronnie who is a fellow Pinoy.


Funny, inventive and thoroughly emotional, Inside Out is a rejuvenation for Pixar Animation Studios with the traditional formula of creativity, fun, and feels to make a fresh new film that might eventually become a classic. In short, it is yet another tearjerker that could stand the test of time.




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