5 Alternative Christmas Movies for the Not So Festive

Can you hear the bells jingling? The kids singing soulful carols? Can you feel the lovely breeze of the air? Well if you don’t, you’re either a) Not a Christmas person or b) You’re the type to celebrate the holidays with a little subtlety. Tired of switching on your TV only to find out that they’re playing the same ‘ol sh*t during Christmas? If you’re tired of watching traditional Christmas flicks that just annoys you because of them being overplayed and traditional, don’t worry because L/L/C has got you covered with 5 Alternative Christmas Movies.

5. Batman Returns (1992/Tim Burton)


First off, this is Batman we’re talking about. Secondly, it’s one of the best Batman movies to ever grace the big screen. Thirdly, it is set during Christmas. I think that’s enough reason for you to pop this during the breezy day/night of December the 25th. There’s action, adventure, excitement and Michelle Pfeiffer’s rocking body that could just heat you up on this cold holiday! Talk about heat in the winter!

Watch a clip here:

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005/Shane Black)


Exceptionally written and outrageously hilarious, this Shane Black directed satire playing on the idea of mystery thrillers stars RDJ and Val Kilmer to provide us laughs for the holiday thanks to their clever humor and lovely charm. Justifying it as a dark comedy, the senseless violence results to the characters getting entangled in dire situations as we burst in laughter. Think white snow getting stained with red blood. Yes this is also set in Christmas because the director has a knack for that holiday. Thankfully, the setting works for the film.

Watch a clip here:

3. Gremlins (1984/Joe Dante)


The name “Steven Spielberg” getting attached to the title is a no-brainer to see this fantastic creature feature but one must not also forget the heartwarming moments Gizmo has gifted us. That, partnered with Joe Dante’s mischievously monstrous take on the holidays should keep us warm and a little twisted on the inside after watching it. Morals should be kept and lessons should be learned. Try defying the rules and you might just get what you’re looking for. What a wonderful metaphor for all of us to take in.

Watch a clip here:

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993/Tim Burton)

You see what happens when you let Tim Burton take over the holidays?

Well, it gets laden in skeletons and other weirdly fascinating creations from his creative yet absurd mind. This animated classic has been loved by many throughout the years mainly because of its wondrous animation that involves stop motion but some have just overlooked the unconventional Christmassy feel to it. Yes it is weird but there’s no denying that underneath all the Gothic nature of the film, it is a Christmas flick in disguise. Hell, it even has snow and Christmas trees!

Watch a clip here:

1. Die Hard (1988/John McTiernan)


This is an adrenaline junkie’s idea of the snow-bound holidays; Bruce Willis getting stranded in a Japanese company’s building and making his way past German henchmen…ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

This classic action movie should keep you thrilled with its tense action and it should also bring out the Christmas person in you by seeing John McClane’s villain Hans Gruber falling off a building! Yay. Kidding aside, this film also features Run DMC’s timeless Christmas anthem ‘Christmas in Hollis’. So ho-ho-ho and yippie-ki-yay motherf*cker!

Watch a clip here:

Do you agree with the list? Do you have any suggestions? What movie will you be popping in time for Christmas (today)? Merry Christmas from L/L/C and may you have a wondrous holiday, Moviegeeks! 


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