A Year In Review: 5 Films That Defined 2015

2015 has definitely been a big year for cinephiles, moviegoers and moviebuffs alike. This year has brought us a sizable amount of films that couldn’t be easily taken off our minds because of their memorability.  There have been blockbusters, epic arthouse features, and even movies too big that you just have to consider as a “phenomenon”. For this list, I present to you 5 films that defined the year 2015. These are the films that have summed the year for us moviegoers; movies that left a mark. Note: even underwhelming films are included here. Why? They may have been a bummer to you, but to some they may have been the best thing they’ve ever seen. Let us begin!

5. Mad Max: Fury Road 


George Miller’s latest installment may have been long overdue however long after the movie ended, as soon as we got out the theater all satisfied and breathless, we or some of us grabbed scraps of metal, rented rusty cars, nabbed metal poles and drove off into the desert screaming “WITNESS!!!”. Well, that may have been absurd but it could just mean that we couldn’t stop reciting the unforgettable lines over and over again because of how surprisingly kick-ass this film turned out to be. You got cars driving in the middle of the desert orchestrating mayhem and memorable characters such as the awesome Furiosa marked with Charlize Theron’s Ferocity. I mean, how bad-ass is that?! Of course, we also got Max and Nux along this chaotic ride to accompany us amidst all of the drama and action. Definitely count us in for the next installment!

4. Inside Out/Minions

Admit it, these two animated films of wonderment provided you laughs and tears endlessly. Be it the yellow Minions’ adorable charm or Riley’s Emotions which made you well up a bucket of the ‘ol natural eye fluid, it’s undeniable that these two cute animated features cooked up a storm in 2015. Most specially Inside Out which reinvigorated the kid in all of us. Minions on the other hand left us blabbering like the yellow critters, so that’s that. Banana!

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron


Every single one of us waited in anticipation, but even if this hit us with a painful slap to the face rather than a powerful punch that would leave us unconscious with its supposed greatness, the sequel to the 2012 hit Avengers was still one of this year’s most talked about films. Despite its shortcomings, there were still some moments of epic proportions that kept us happy but not fully pleased. The climax saw the Avengers battling off Ultron’s army in unison, and that became perhaps one of the best moments in film this 2015; enough to take up the #3 spot because Marvel always wins despite the disappointments that it creates. Just to clarify, AoU  was quite underwhelming but it still knew how to take us by the hand.

2. Jurassic World


Dinos, Chris Pratt, and Bryce Dallas Howard doing her best Usain Bolt impression in freaking high-heels. What is there not to love about the long-awaited return to the world that Steven Spielberg’s iconic Sci-Fi classic built? Colin Trevorrow’s takeover was deemed a success in the box-office but more than that, it was a crowd-pleaser that made a majority of JP fans cry with all the terrific nostalgia. Hell, some animal trainers even recreated Owen Grady’s (Pratt) famous scene. This all the more proves that Jurassic World stomps all over the atrocity which was Jurassic Park III with full confidence and anguish. In turn, it gave us one of 2015’s most phenomenal hits that intended to bring us 2 hours of Dino goodness and
it triumphed with all its might-or Colin’s.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Ever since its first trailer release, we all jumped to conclusions that Star Wars would make it big in 2015. The sold-out pre-order tickets and box-office takeovers are pure evidence that Star Wars would be 2015’s biggest cinematic phenomena. What adds to that is the generally positive reviews that it had received from the critics and the mass alike. The Force Awakens trumps down Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy by using the Force effectively to lure in the people into lining up on its first day of release and loading up the theaters with fans and moviegoers that are bound to leave the cinemas more than relieved. Take it from us, Star Wars is a 30+ year old film franchise but it’s still going on strong. Use the Force wisely, Disney!-err Rey.

Those are the top 5 films that pretty much made 2015 for us. Happy New Year and Live, Love, Cinema!


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