The Top 11 Best Movie Posters of 2015

Aah. Movie posters. Over the years, they have took our excitement meter up a notch by teasing us with how a certain film would turn out to be. There have been some that stood the test of time and proved to be iconic, whereas others just got laughed by how ridiculous they looked like. Anyway, 2015 has shown us a lot of sweet posters and a handful of them even tricked us with deception or caught us with attraction. Here are the best movie posters of 2015. These are the posters that we adored, loved or just simply liked. Note: This list will not only entail posters for 2015 films but also for 2016 as well.

11. Furious 7

Kicking off the list is the emotional teaser poster for Furious 7 featuring a mournful Vin Diesel and a stern-faced Paul Walker. There is definitely something about this poster that makes us sorrowful rather than excited; it pays tribute to the deceased actor by giving us one last memorable image to mark itself onto our minds. The words “One Last Ride” stamped as the tagline and they monotonous look all the more releases the “feels”.


10. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

This poster symbolizes something. I mean, Katniss suited up in red sitting in a white chair? That’s gotta be an allusion to her bloodying up President Snow, right? RIGHT?


9. Captain America: Civil War


It’s the Star Spangled Hero vs the Man In the Suit of Armor facing off against each other. I see no reason in not liking that. Plus, it’s simplistic and stylish. Those two always work together.

8. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

These teaser posters for ‘Batman v Superman’ square off with one another by  engaging themselves in cool-artsy designs that make the two iconic heroes look like they are not to be trusted by the mass thanks to the newspaper-clipping-like approach given to the one sheets. In simpler terms, it’s subtle but exciting.

7. The Hateful Eight


Take it from us, this poster for Tarantino’s latest feature screams class and elegance whilst maintaining the director’s penchant for violence evidence being the small but highly noticeable blood splatters that taints the white snow. Not only that, but you can see The Hateful Eight just standing in the back as if they’re saying “hey! come with us”. Well, we’ll take their hand but avoid getting ourselves into bloody situations. Another touch that makes it so glorious is the “Filmed in Ultra Panavision 70” stamped onto the lower part of the one-sheet.



That classic insignia and that silver-dipped logo for the film are ominous; they signal danger for Bond but they caught our attention by telling us that they’re going back to 007’s roots. Despite of the final product being quite disappointing to others (except me), we can’t help but put this in the #6 spot because it looks so plain yet so awesome.

5. Jurassic World


TELL ME YOU DIDN’T GET STOKED ONCE YOU SAW THAT ICONIC LOGO! This design tried to be vague and straightforward, and it had us drooling in excitement. Way to go, movie!

4. Ant-Man


The marketing team for Ant-Man really nailed it on the head by giving us this adorable poster that has our hero all shrunk up but the logo standing tall and big. This was surely a hilarious poster that paid off well. Way to go, Marvel! What a clever way to keep our anticipation for this film up a notch!

3. The Revenant


Quite a personal pick, this poster for The Revenant used deep blues and
bright red sparks to signify the film’s realistic approach on the 1800s Frontier. What gives that detail life is Leo’s face looking all rugged and gritty. Another thing would be the font that the title uses. Even if this is quite simple for a grand film, this poster packs a lot that would make us adore the marvels that surrounds it. Looking at it is just mesmerizing.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road


This teaser poster for George Miller’s symphony of madness is basically a metaphor telling its audience to brace themselves for all the mayhem that ensues. Think of it like this, we are Max and everything in front of him is just this giant behemoth of a movie that we so chaotically loved.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Of course, Star Wars takes the top spot because it deserves just that. The one-sheet for TFA had us all pumped and as soon as we saw it, we rushed to our nearest theater and pre-ordered the tickets. Well, that’s what this poster tried to say. We listened and we didn’t regret anything. This is blockbuster marketing at its purest.

That’s it guys. Those are the top 11 best posters of 2015. We are hoping to see a lot of great new posters in 2016 and we surely hope that they deliver. HAPPY NEW YEAR and Live, Love, Cinema!


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