What Will Happen to Odin in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’?!

Though it’s just a rumor as of yet, Geek.com might have just revealed what kind of role the character will play in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, the third film in the series based on Marvel’s take on the Norse god.


Based on the sources from Geek.com, Hopkins’ character will be definitely reprising the role of Odin in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. They claim that:

“With Loki now on the throne, Odin flees from Asgard for Midgard, wandering the planet “as one of those crazy-looking ‘the end is nigh’ street-corner hobos, warning of the impending apocalypse.” Thor will eventually encounter his dad on Earth.”

Hmmm…so Odin will be warning people of Earth of the imminent doom that’s about to come? Yikes! It looks like some really destructive sh#t will be going down!

Thor: Ragnarok is currently eyeing a November 2017 release and will see the hammer-wielding god going on a cosmic trip with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.


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