Cine Reviews: ‘Deadpool’ (2016)

If you’re thinking that the first (major) big-screen outing for our favorite loud-mouthed merc would be as awesome as chimichangas, then you my friend is right as a-a-ah. Oh well. Eff it. Let’s just say that this is one kick-a** ride that will always keep your spirits high as hell and will let you leave the theater completely euphoric. WHAM!


To kick things off, Deadpool really is one hell of a cinematic outing for The Merc With a Mouth. There’s a whole load of stuff to love, ranging from belly-busting gags to cool shoot-outs. However, if you thought that this would be a surprisingly phenomenal blockbuster ala Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy then boy, you are kinda dead wrong. Although that doesn’t mean that the film is terribly done just like Fox’s abomination from last year *ehem* Fant4stic *ehem*. Yes, the film is in fact highly enjoyable and entertaining but no, it’s not as super duper mega awesome as you wanted it to be. However, like what I just said it is really pleasurable as long as you don’t take things too seriously. Deadpool simply has some few flaws that is coated in sugar and spice and everything nice to make up for its kinda huge lapses. Those sugary treats that spoils us viewers are stuff that makes this motion picture a little major in terms of scope. There’s action, there’s romance, and there’s comedy. Those three genres combined forms itself as a dirty recipe for an insanely fun time to escape from all of your life’s bullsh*ts. What Deadpool (the hero) basically does is that he creates an invisible wall for him and the viewers. He breaks that constantly and manipulates us into thinking that he is there to mess up with our minds through the use of his rude and explicit shenanigans. Thing is that these action-filled, life-threatening shenanigans that he puts himself into never falls flat in keeping us utterly amused most specially when he’s slicing someone’s limbs off or putting bullets in a baddie’s head.


The humor is played well, and it gets out of the safe zone up the extent that it doesn’t really care anymore if it’s offending anyone by being too profane and vulgar. It’s sort of like a flaming, blazing middle finger to the superhero stories that we’ve seen before, and kind of changes our perception on them in a way. Technically, it could even be said that the film is a fiery mockery of the light-hearted superhero movies that we love and throws everything we know about them out of the window by going all out to assault the cheesiness of other comic book tales carelessly and without remorse. The hero is satirical and it truly shows. Maybe even too satirical that technically he is a huge joke about the heroes that we idolize and look up to. The comedy is pushed to the limits for a Marvel film adaptation, and the results are shocking and riotous on several occasions. Some of the jokes are impressive that they even become some of the film’s high points and would cause you to laugh your a** off from what you’re hearing and what you’re seeing. Most of the film’s humor relies heavily on references that poke fun at pop culture and the genre that this movie is in. How Deadpool presents those is supported by a lewd and crude mojo that is hard-edged and never holds back. Clearly, this is the type of film that doesn’t give a flying f*ck as long they do their thing. Hell, they even turned one of the comic-book world’s most famous icons into what could be the most funny thing he could be. It is so ready to make us have a good time that the opening credits alone that consisted of text gags partnered with a love ballad is already a perfect start for what’s about to come next, and basically tells us that satisfaction is guaranteed as long as you don’t mind its flaws. Well, we’ll get back to that later.


The filmmakers behind this laugh-fest clearly knew what to do with the character when they said that he would be brought to life in full comic-book fashion. What they did was not only let Deadpool leap out of the comic books and let him do what he does best, but the film also gives us a little background about him through a screenplay splattered with hints of comedic genius. Well, just hints. The lines of dialogue are written well and the romantic side of it in particular, isn’t really cheesy in any sort of way.  Most of us know that the red-suited merc is lovable for his endless quips, but the film shows us that what makes him so loved isn’t the only thing left for us to fully admire.  The film’s marketing which states that this is a romantic love story is justified and is made out to be really non-deceiving once you figure out that Deadpool himself is a romantic even if he has a dirty mind and a foul mouth that needs to be washed with soap. The romance between the hero and the lover is easy to buy and is made such within a short span of time and whole lotta loving and insane sparks seen in the characters. It is indeed a surprising backstory for a murderous quip-shooter, but it works nonetheless as we see them cuddle and swap crazy dialogue that really makes their relationship convincing at best so that when sh*t goes down, we really get to root for the douchebag hero because we know him a little too well and also because we want to see him break necks and chop heads. It is explosive, funny and sweet. It virtually becomes that one Valentine’s day flick where you can drag your loved one without getting slapped. It is just that cool. It’s safe to say that the film gains most of its strength from the carefree, no-f*cks-giving nature of the hero but at least we are given a good backstory sprinkled with flavor to give us further knowledge about Deadpool.


His wicked sense of humor is indeed marvelously charismatic, but in this origin story we find out that he really is in a passionate relationship with his loved one and will do anything to keep her away from harm though that doesn’t really show much of the character since he’s basically a regular a-hole that has fallen in love. Kinda hard to believe for someone that sports a gun and dark humor, eh? In itself, Deadpool’s story is basically a romantic one and it works in the film thanks to the crazy, weird spark between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. Hearing the what the story is like alone may sound tiresome for the ears for being too cliche, but the high-energy, relentlessly comical script brings a lot of color and life to something so overused. Whether that is a flaw or a strength is up for you to judge. From what I saw, it kinda becomes both because of the mere fact that they were using a lot of spices so that we could overlook the shortcomings of the narrative and also because that they anchor the film up to the level of being an endlessly fun feature. I mean, we all know that they could’ve made it a little more unique right?

brianna hildebrand and ryan reynolds in DEADPOOL.jpg

Even if it is a satire in all reality, it still could’ve still been backed up a little bit more by using a little cleverness since the writers that penned the script did a highly commendable job with 2009’s Zombieland. I know that it brought what fans wanted, but at least they could’ve added a little more spice to a plain ‘ol story. At times, it just felt like I was watching Spider-Man all over again only that the web-slinger is replaced by a lovable yet maniacal, trigger-happy mercenary and that the puberty jokes were taken over by sexual gags and over-the-top profanity.  Then again, the humor isn’t really too creative. The R-rated jokes that it boasts could become a little tired and a little borderline hilarious. Though there are a selected few that will make you bust in loud moments of laughter from their plain ridiculousness, the rest of the gags could simply be found in lewd R-rated comedies released in the past years. These LOL-inducing jokes are saved to be explosive but after that it’s pretty much back to normal.


Again I repeat, some of them are undeniably original but that’s not saying much knowing that the lead character himself is immature in a a way. Meaning that, they aren’t really that clever even if Ryan Reynolds in a suit is spitting them out but still, it gets extra points for his allure and the overall likability of the hero. We have nothing else to do but admit that he donned the suit well and owned the role. Just take away all the action and the comic-bookey stuff away and what you have sitting right there is a regular raunchy comedy. It just needed a little kick and ingeniousness that Matthew Vaughn had when he did Kick-Ass and Kingsman. But still, the biggest thing that matters here is that it was able to bring us what we wanted and maybe more than we were expecting. There is comedy aplenty and comic book geeks everywhere will just really squeal at how relentless the film is when it comes to making balls-to-the-wall fun.  Kudos to the filmmakers and most especially the marketing team for doing their best, but it’s evident that it needed some narrative enhancing. It may look at itself as a rival for 22 Jump Street for being too meta, but it’s clear who’s the winner here even though they differ in genre. Comparisons could be stated and I meant it when I said that. Although this really might just be the antidote for last year’s botched Fantastic 4 reboot. So yeah, in your face Marvel! Oh wait. Also, just stay ’til the very end of the film for extra meta amusement and a little something something to get you all geek’d up.

4/5 stars.

* Deadpool is now showing in Philippine cinemas from 20th Century Fox. Rated R-16 with no cuts by the MTRCB. #DeadpoolPH

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