Cine Reviews: The Divergent Series – Allegiant (2016)

After establishing a film franchise back in 2013, The Divergent Series is now (thankfully) closing to an end. After the revealing incidents that occurred in Insurgent, the third entry in The Divergent Series, ‘Allegiant’ sees Tris and Four going to a world far more dangerous than the ones they’ve stepped foot on before. As the series nears its conclusion, the excitement builds up and the story more potent – or does it?


Not to sound totally mad or anything, but I’m going to start this review in a way that slightly drives away from the conventions I have set. I am going to begin all of this by letting out a long sigh just to signify the loathsome boredom I had for it. One, two, three… *Sigh*. There we go. Now, let us begin my expression of thoughts over this horrible threequel of an agreeably repugnant film franchise. This chapter in the film adaptations of Veronica Roth’s supposedly terrific novel simply provided barely nothing at all that could’ve resulted to even the fakest and most pretentious enjoyment from its viewers. The story it continued from Insurgent feels like it got a little over-excited to let things come intro play, and what becomes of it is a puzzling game of “guess-what-is-going-on?” that lets us participate in it without leaving us totally understandable hints for us to read from its dumb lips. Everything in the narrative felt like they just went on for no absolute reason – as if they were only occurring because they wanted to as opposed to having the certain need for such to fit into the main plot. Of course that is such an improper thing to do, specially if you want the viewers to get interested – well, wait. No. Maybe it doesn’t want us to get hooked? Why? Because it seems like it doesn’t want to give us a good time either. Maybe it is aware that it is boring, and it throws in seemingly interesting plot points to gather our interest for such – which fails. What a foolish thing to do, right? Again… *sigh*. Well, I’m not done yet. Now, back to where I stopped.

It’s as if the writers were simply playing around with the mushed ideas in their hands that are almost devoid of any reasoning – and the film shows that they did nothing to strengthen it even just a little bit. At least in my eyes, that realized statement further supports the notable truth involving Allegiant getting jacked-up without determination to reach where it wanted to go – even if it meant leaving out all the essentials in storytelling. In turn, the shoddy plotting of events ended up being such a painful headache which led on to the cause of a little brain damage. The plain execution of the story itself took out all the reasons to keep us thrilled even in the slightest possible sense in spite of making itself look so dull and unexciting. But then again no excitement nor redemption was produced all the way through because right from the start, it immediately gives you the assumption that it was heavily striving to give itself some strength to carry on. Even my senses refused the thrills it was trying to deliver because it looked and felt really cheap – up to the extent wherein you begin to think that they were just going along the motions of roughness along a terribly bumpy road.


In itself it already well-informed that it has already been diminished of almost any kind of fun and/or decency and it truly shows. The way that the characters used that miniscule brain of theirs was just hellishly outrageous and outright unbelievable. Seeing them come up with intelligence-insulting plans instantly dumbs you down and makes you think that the people onscreen are just rebellious pea-brained individuals who are trying to make sense of something that basically lacks any. Judgment in questioning such idiotic ideas that the film brings up is completely pointless. As a viewer,  you are easily convinced that your thinking is simply more logical than theirs and that doesn’t turn out to be good for a film that tries to make substance or even makes us get over how dumb it is. However, how their construction of seemingly foolproof schemes gets us a little elated. This just so happens because are aware that it will not work since what they came up with were simply raw and lacked any hint of logical thinking – so basically, we are laughing at them and not with them. As simple as that. But still, we are pissed off for all that wasted time.


The actors Allegiant  consisted of are talented, but such abilities are yet again painfully suppressed by foolish dialogue and mawkish acting. The actors looked clearly clueless in the scenes that they were acting out. It gives us the hilarious but quite believably unbelievable notion that, behind the camera all they did was just follow the dense orders of an airhead that pays them millions of dollars to act terribly along an even worse script. What adds insult to the already agonizing injury is that they seem forced to do so. A number of the cast gave unimaginable performances, and those include the likes of Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller and even Jeff Daniels – all great actors whose acting skills were shamefully undervalued. Shailene looked stupidly pitiful just as Miles Teller felt completely awkward. It just goes on and on with the great Jeff Daniels. He looked like a damned blockhead who’s overconfident with his plan – at least in how the film characterized him. Well, it all makes perfect sense now. That’s all because Shailene’s tactics were equally half-baked as well. That makes things oddly even and it just messes with our minds because we now have two opposing characters who are both feeble in their scheming. But what flares my head up in anger even more is the fact that we know they the actors could’ve done monumentally better job in being a part of this sci-fi schtick. We are all aware that they could’ve at least tried a little harder or at least exerted a little effort. Yes, they could’ve done that for our liking even if the screenplay was a seemingly appealing work of trash.


As if the story and the acting couldn’t get any worse, along comes the CGI. Now, CGI is not really a bad thing however, this film makes it look like such. The special effects Allegiant had was a step-down from Insurgent’s noticeably. We could get the feeling that the filmmakers behind it were running out of budget and they just had to insert terrible leftovers from a lackluster sci-fi video game. The world beyond the walls was the definition of the phrase “unpleasant for the sight”. It completely allowed the movie to look even crappier as it makes us think that it was made in both the early 2000s and in the 2010s. The combination turned out to be an atrocity and it actually proved that going “bigger” than the last might just drag itself down so deep. Why? Because I was convinced that they all look fake from the background to the environment. It just made me cringe in my seat. I won’t talk any further. Allegiant proves that this trilogy – or should I say, quadrilogy was already doomed right from the start. This one shows that and it doesn’t even show shame in doing so.

Note: It is nothing like The Hunger Games’ film entries – wait, hold up. Well, it is quite similar in tone but it is nothing like it. The latter is waaaayyy better. Ironically, Allegiant tried to “go beyond the wall” but it ended up hurting itself. BADLY.


2 stars.jpg

(sigh) (2 stars for making me laugh at how terrible it was)

Wait. I just realized. We still have another one coming out next year. Oh well, may God help us all.

* The Divergent Series: Allegiant is now showing in Philippine cinemas from Pioneer Films.



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