Flick Reviews: ‘Clerks II’ (2006)

Clerks II is directed by Kevin Smith and was released in 2006. The film’s plot goes like this:


A calamity at Dante and Randal’s shops sends them looking for new horizons – but they ultimately settle at the fast food empire Mooby’s.
Kevin Smith’s sequel to hit 1994 comedy classic is pretty much the same movie, only leaning on a lighter, wackier side with the humor almost overshadowing what made the original such a classic for many reasons. At times, it somehow feels like different movie from the first in its first half, but subsequently it returns back to its roots with its usage of heart and humor in its characters and the story itself. The exploration of Dante and Randal’s characters use the same formula from the original, but they worked like how the film wanted it to go. The scenarios they get themselves into correlate to that of the film’s theme and builds up to something involving their friendship, be it good or bad. These are the times when the film remembers our adoration for their personalities, and it leads us to think that this is a well-made and worthy sequel in spite of some shortcomings. Because of its sometimes sweet but oftentimes funny portrayal of themes, the film never causes us to find a reason to loathe it and deem it as unnecessary.


Brian O’ Halloran and Jeff Anderson’s respective portrayals of Dante and Randal still felt fresh as both once again delivered just what we were looking for. The two’s onscreen charm really gave life to the film, and they still kept us hooked to their friendship with their banters that still had a relatability to it. At a certain point, the movie basically tells us that what they have still matters, and also shows us that ageism never got in the way of giving us reason to still make us care for them after all the years.While the writing may not be great, it’s hard to deny that everything that gets squeezed into it felt really effective and fitting for the most part. However, the moments where it really stood out can be found in its final minutes which seems to show the film’s more heartwarming and emotional side. As it reaches out to the more memorable feel of the first, we could suddenly sense that Clerks II really made us feel that we matter as we sit through it.


The story that gets told complements and connects to its predecessor, but it adds a little more ludicrousness to almost everything. However, its characters become the reason why we should stick around as they thoroughly provide us with entertaining dialogue and maybe even a few warmhearted moments too. That’s where the film really gets us to think that it got things right, and it happens because it used those elements to solidly end the movie just like how it began. In terms of humor, the one that this one has in its hands is definitely more insane whether it would be the physical gags or verbal frivolity. It may all sound non-effective and just over-the-top stupid, but how Kevin Smith executes them proves just why Clerks II could still become amusing even if the level of the humor’s ridiculousness is totally pushed beyond the limits. Although some of it were quite tasteless, they still got their job done by having a signature stamp of comedy on them. Yes they might have not sounded as interesting and as hysterical as the first, but they still kept us busting out some laughs from Kevin Smith’s genuine wit- a perfect mix of pop-culture and vulgarity.


Though the smarter writing from the first is toned down a bit, it should be taken into consideration that the presence of the original’s vibe and spirit is what makes it such a fascinating watch. Yes, it may be more goofy, but it finds a weird but nonetheless frivolous way in keeping us from turning it down. With the help of its cast both old and new, Clerks II becomes a satisfactory sequel in both having fun with its premise and its characters, and by never forgetting the essential elements that we loved so much from the original. Therefore, Clerks II is perfect for those who thought that the first one was great. It might not reach a level of greatness that the first one did, but with what this film has in store, you might just find the urge to disregard its flaws. It is still wacky and hilarious, emotional and relatable; a totally sweet and cool sequel packaged by the same director behind Clerks.


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