Movie News: Alden Ehrenreich to Play Young Han Solo in ‘Star Wars Han Solo’ Spin-Off Movie

Months ago we received news that Lucasfilm & Disney is developing a Han Solo spin-off movie set before the time he met Luke & Leia. Though Harrison Ford recently returned to play the role once again in ‘The Force Awakens’, it’s undeniable that the actor is too old to be playing a younger version of the famed intergalactic smuggler.


With that, Lucasfilm has been looking for new actors to take on the role and it has been said that they’ve been keeping their eyes on newcomer and ‘Hail, Caesar!’ star Alden Ehrenreich. Today, the New York Post’s Page Six reported that Alden Disney and Lucasfilm execs were impressed with his screen tests,” and that “The deal is basically done.” While the announcement that the New York Post reported didn’t sound too official, it does fit well with the news regarding Lucasfilm & Disney’s interest in the actor to take on the role.


The Han Solo spin-off movie will be directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller of The Jump Street film series. The duo of directors have been known to turn the potentially worst ideas to gold with their impeccable directing prowess, so it’s safe to say that this project is in good hands. Lucasfilm & Disney are currently occupied promoting Rogue One, but it won’t be long before they begin promotion on the Han Solo spin-off movie.

THE UNTITLED STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY HAN SOLO SPIN-OFF MOVIE will be arriving in Philippine cinemas sometime in 2018.


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