Lou Reviews: Pixels (2015/Chris Columbus)

Enlisting Adam Sandler and wasting a pretty good concept though at times it was a little bit fun, Pixels is a terrible waste of potential.


First off, the characters are exactly the type of characters you would expect in an Adam Sandler film. They are ridiculous, and trying so hard to be funny. One perfect example is Josh Gad’s Ludlow who mistakes screaming out loud like a little girl for comedy gold. I really just wanted to hit him with a baseball bat. Adam Sandler plays typical Adam Sandler, making terrible jokes. Seriously this dude has lost it. I liked his earlier films, but this and the other recent ones (except Hotel Transylvania) are trash. I may have criticized Sandler and Gad, but let’s not forget about Kevin James who parodies himself. For chrissakes! His role in the film is the President of the USA. Ugh. Pixels is supposed to be good old fun for 80s gamers to feed their nostalgia but the concept wasn’t executed well. Sure there may have been one or two admittedly fun action scenes, but the plot is all over the place. Mix that with unlikeable characters and you got yourself a turkey of a mess. Thankfully though, Peter Dinklage was one of the film’s saving graces alongside the cool visuals. But still, I couldn’t believe how much of a punch in the face Pixels is to moviegoers and gamers alike. I expected an awesome blockbuster similar to the likes of Scott Pilgrim VS the World and Wreck-It-Ralph but all I got was an Adam Sandler film with action scenes.


I’m thankful that I skipped this one in theaters. Pixels gets 1.5/5 stars.

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